Monday, November 8, 2010

My Kitchen

My husband and my father are currently in the process of renovating my kitchen. We are building out a completely new space. We're knocking down walls and moving the location of the kitchen. They have been working so hard on the project for weeks.

This past weekend they successfully hung the last of the cabinets, installed the butcher block counter tops, and installed my fancy sink.

I know it probably sounds strange but this sink was my inspiration for the entire kitchen. I look at this sink and I feel like I am immediately transported to a time when life was slower, simpler, and more quite. I think of the uncomplicated farm life when you worried about your family and their fortune and nothing else. Sometimes I feel committed to so many different people and projects and places that I never have time to just enjoy my life. I want to savor the time I have with my family because I know that this time will end all too quickly.

I know that a sink will not solve all of my problems but I have hope. Our kitchen is the last MAJOR remodel project left in our little house. I'm looking forward to lazy weekend mornings making breakfast while the boys play. I'm looking forward to making lots of wonderful meals and sweets with my boys in this new kitchen. I'm looking forward to enjoying many meals prepared by my wonderful husband in this new space. I'm just looking for a little peace - just like so many more people out there.

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