Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Little Sister

I've had a rough first week of 2011. First I got the news that my older sister Penny was offered (and accepted) a job in South America. She'll be teaching fourth grade beginning next fall for at least two years. While I know this is an amazing opportunity for her I will miss her dearly. I love that she has a relationship with my boys. We see her several times a week and my kids adore their aunt. AND, she's my best friend. It's awful to think about her leaving.

The same day I got the good/ bad news about my sister Penny's job offer I also got a very troubling call from my younger sister Paige. Paige called to inform me that she had a miscarriage. She was 17 weeks pregnant. She and her fiancĂ©e are devastated. My sister has had a rough time. She's made some bad decisions but she was finally at the point where she was on the right path. She was finally going to be able to be the mother that she always wanted to be. But that's been taken away from her so unexpectedly... I grieve for the loss of my nephew (it was a boy) and I grieve for my sister's loss. I pray that she is strong enough to make it though this.

I want to think that people are only faced with situations that God knows they can handle. I feel like my sister has been through so much. She doesn't deserve this pain and suffering.

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