Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Snow Day # 2

Ever since the first flake of snow started falling Ed has been talking about wanting to go sledding down our street. He finally convinced Owen to go with him last night right before it got dark. They made one run by themselves and then Owen took the long trip by himself while Ellis and I watched.

This morning I woke up extra early and after exchanging emails with the other mangers in my office at 6:24AM we decided it just wasn't possible to open the office again today. I sent some emails, made some phone calls, got logged onto my work computer remotely (isn't technology amazing) and did a little bit of work. Then it was time for a break.

I was cleaning out from underneath my bed and came across an empty wrapping paper holder. I decided to cut the tube in half and gave each of the boys a "sword". We had lots of fun playing dueling pirates. I always seemed to be the one that ended up on the floor with my arm cut off but the boys had a good time.

[Notice the two toned floor in the new kitchen. Replacing/ refinishing the floor is the next project on our list. It's never ending.]

We also spent time drawing pictures, making puppets, playing puzzles, and "hunting" for deer. About 11AM Ed took Owen back up to our local neighborhood park to meet some friends for more sledding. Ellis took a nap and I got a little more work done. Once Ed and Owen got back we decided  to take our chances and made the one mile journey to Fox Brother BBQ for lunch.After lunch I worked until the stock market closed and then decided to call it a day.

After two days of being stuck inside the house with the kids I'm exhausted. I really hope that I can make it into the office tomorrow. I've cleaned the entire house out of boredom. We've play board games, trains, potato heads, and dress up. We all are ready to get back to our normal life. Owen is out of school again tomorrow and I'm not sure what the road situation will look like in the morning for us. The temps are suppose to get much lower over night so our compute in the morning might still be pretty rough. Most of the roads are pure ice.

Atlanta is not equipped for this type of weather. It almost makes me wish I was living in Ohio, almost...

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