Saturday, January 1, 2011

My New Year

Happy New Year's

Ed and I spent New Year's Eve at home this year. We picked up lots of appetizer's from Trader Joe's and some beer and spent a quite night at home together. I can't think of anything I would have rather been doing. This morning Ellis got into the bed with us and we all snuggled up together and watched Toy Story 2. It's been a wonderful holiday so far.

Owen wanted to spend the weekend with my parents at their lake house. While I miss him when he is gone I love that he gets to spend so much time with his grandparents and cousins. I spoke to him last night and asked him if he was having a good time. He answered with an enthusiastic, "YES"! He said he had spent the day playing outside and riding his bike. That sounds like a perfect day for a six year old boy.

That's all. Nothing exciting going on around here. Just taking it easy and enjoying this time with my family!Ha

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