Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Christmas Morning

Ed and I had arranged for Ed's mom and sister to watch the kids open their Christmas presents via a live video stream. We had assumed that the kids would be up between 6:30am and 7am so they were sitting in Florida waiting for us to start our day. At 7AM the kids still weren't sleeping so I decided to get up and "help" them wake up.

Here's sweet Ellis waking up.

Once Ellis was up he was eager to wake his brother up.

We raced into the living room to see what wonders had been left by Santa. Santa left three presents each for the boys. The three presents represent the three gifts that the wise men brought baby Jesus. Ellis got a little sitting chair with his name on it, a puppy pillow pet and a Woody doll (from Toy Story).

 Owen got a bean bag chair this his name on it, a Panda pillow pet, and a Buzz Light Year toy.

Both boys were very excited about their Santa presents.

After discovering their Santa presents they said good morning to Grandma and Aunt Nicole on the computer and then went straight for the rest of the presents under the tree. They got lots of goodies and were very appreciative of all the presents.

After opening presents at our house we went out to my parents house and opened more presents, had lunch, and spent a nice afternoon with my family. It was a perfect Christmas day. As we were driving home from my parents house in the early evening it started really snowing and sticking to the ground. It was a little late but I think the best Christmas present we got was a White Christmas.

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