Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Boy's Grandfather

I love my dad. He's been an amazing constant in my life and I feel like I am more like him than almost anyone else in the world.

After raising 4 daughters he finally has 3 little grandsons and he (and they) are loving life. The two oldest grandsons' (currently both 6 years old) love to follow their Papa around the back yard, the work shed, the lake house, etc. and "help" when they are needed. For my youngest, little 2 year old Ellis, his affection for Papa is starting to blossom.

This weekend my sweet little Ellis found a toy cell phone and has started calling Papa all the time. Yesterday the boys wanted to ride their scooters around the block. On the way home Owen fell and scraped his knee. Once we got the boys inside the house and Owen cleaned up Ellis picked up his "phone" and called Papa. His conversation went like this:

"Hi Papa. Brother fell down hurt his knee. Bye Papa."

Tonight at dinner my oldest soon managed to ram a straw into his gum which caused a good bit of pain. He had tears in his eyes and his little brother was quite concerned. Ellis immediately found his "phone" and called Papa. And his conversation was very brief:

"Hi Papa. Brother hurt his mouth. Bye Papa."

My Dad stopped by the house this afternoon for a quick visit and was gone before I got home from work. As soon as I walked into the house this afternoon Ellis ran to me and said, "Papa see me. Papa my house."

I love that my boys have a great relationship with their grandfather. He's the best Dad, and Grandfather, that anyone could ask for.

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