Sunday, May 29, 2011

Will you allow me to brag a moment?

My oldest son Owen just finished first grade. First grade was definitely a bit of a transition for both Owen and my husband and I. Kindergarten was very easy, but first grade was hard work. We had spelling words and math tests and science projects. It took a little while for our family to adjust to the transition.
Last week we got to finally celebrate all of our hard work at the end of the year awards ceremony.

Walking the Red Carpet 

Owen received many awards including Excellence in Chinese, a Media Production Participation Award, an Excellence in Art Award, a Perfect Attendance Award, Most Improved in Language Arts, Most Improved in Math, and A-B Honor Roll. I was a little surprised by the Math award but after talking to his teacher we found out that he scored a 98% on his final test of the year! He's been excellent in Math all year but since his final test score was so good he had the highest percentage increase for all of the 1st grade students. He excels in math and his test score just proved that he really loves the subject.

As a mother, I'm most proud of his "Most Improved in Language Arts" award. It took Owen a little while to understand that he had to work at something to become good at it. His last report card of the year arrived in yesterday's mail and for the first time all year he got all A's. I don't so much care about the straight A's but it is really nice to see that all of his hard work really paid off. By the end of the year it finally seemed like everything school wise was really clicking with him. He was coming home with great scores on his reading and spelling tests and starting to enjoy the challenge.

I hope that he continues to enjoy the challenge of academia. I wish only the best for this little boy!

I owe so much of his success to his teacher this past year. She has been a true blessing to our family and I am thankful every day that we were able to go on this school year journey together.

Owen and his teacher Ms. Hickey

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  1. We are so proud of Owen, he seems to be following in your footsteps Amy. He is one smart little boy.